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NATURAL                        ELEGANT                        REFINED       

Microblading is the best tecnique to attain the most natural looking eyebrows. 

Also called eyebrow embroidery, microblading is the art of depositing pigment into the basal layer of the epidermis creating fine, crisp lines with a manual tool. The tool contains a collection of pins or needles 3 times finer than the needles in a tattoo gun resulting in strokes that are almost indistinguishable from your natural hairs. Microblading is semi-permanent lasting about a year and requires aditional touch ups to maintain the desired pigment and shape. 

Professionally and privately trained by Rita Romo of Baltic Brows based in Europe, AND Kler Rosenberg of PhiBrows Academy also based in Europe, the technique applied is cutting edge in the United States, rarely tought in permanent makeup schools. The ultimate goal is for the brows to look natural and the tattoo to blend seamlessly  and anatomically. 


Microblading is the best tecnique for hyperrealistic looking eyebrows. 



Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 9.04.00 PM.png
ARTIST_MICHELLE WYPER_zenkliukas tamsus.
ARTIST_MICHELLE WYPER_zenkliukas tamsus.
ARTIST_MICHELLE WYPER_zenkliukas tamsus.
ARTIST_MICHELLE WYPER_zenkliukas tamsus.
ARTIST_MICHELLE WYPER_zenkliukas tamsus.
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